Sunday, March 30, 2008

Arizona Center for Character Education (ACCE)

The Arizona Center for Character Education (ACCE) will be a multi-purpose center designed to educate youth through character education and art mastery.

The mission of Our Kids With Character program is to:

  • Educate and inspire youth through experiential education in the areas of character development and social skills training

  • Utilize our youth arts program to promote self-confidence and self-expression through art projects

  • Equip and educate youth community leaders

Our Kids With Character programs are designed to promote long-term school and social success. Research suggests that mastery of social competencies is as important as traditional intelligence in achieving academic success (Liff, 2003).

Some examples of our Kids With Character programs are:

  • Mean girl intervention programs
  • Peer mentoring/ peer conflict management programs
  • Encouraging empathy programs
  • Building friendships programs
  • Youth Leadership Development programs

Our Recycled Design Art program will teach our youth to use recycled materials to create fashionable/useful products. Profit from our products will go toward funding character skills programming at the Center. This program will provide a wonderful opportunity for our youth to have fun, learn an artistic skill, and give back to the community.

Some art projects from our recycled design art program are:

  • Candy wrapper/Magazine/Newspaper purses
  • Hand made belts
  • Interchangeable watch bands

If you are interested in learning more about our Kids With Character programs or the Arizona Center for Character Education please contact:

Dr. Sherman
Program Resource Coordinator
Scottsdale Prevention Institute