Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arizona Center for Character Education and Scottsdale Prevention Institute

I currently work for Scottsdale Prevention Institute (SPI) a wonderful non-profit in Scottsdale, AZ. SPI has provided school-based prevention programs to Scottsdale residents for the past 21 years. I want to partner with SPI to open our Arizona Center for Character Education. This Center would work in conjunction with the schools to deliver our programs.

SPI Serves Children Who:
  • Have experienced a trauma or are having family difficulties
  • Have difficulty fitting in, socializing, or are being bullied/bullying at school
  • Are shy or withdrawn and feel isolated at school
  • Are experimenting with alcohol and drugs
  • Have families that don't know how to address school or family difficulties
  • Have families that want to help their children achieve greater success at school

So far this year, our Prevention Specialists have provided over 8,000 hours for school-based programs.

A sample of services we provide include:

  • New Student Orientation
  • Peer Relationship Programs
  • Mean Girl Interventions
  • Social Skill Training
  • Divorce/Grief Issues
  • Peer Mentoring/Mediation Programs
  • Encouraging Empathy Programs
  • Character Counts!
  • Chemical Awareness Program

To find out more about SPI's services go to:

To read some helpful social skills tips go to:

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