Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We have Candy Wrapper Purses!

If you have ever felt guilty about wanting or buying a fabulous purse I have the solution!!!

You can help save the planet, help fund an after-school youth center for children in Scottsdale/Phoenix, AND get a one-of-a-kind, fabulous purse that is literally a conversation piece.

NO seriously, I fell in love with these purses from Mexico a year ago. They are beautiful, fun, and durable. They are made entirely of colorful foil wrappers. Every time I wear mine people ask me how to get them-- so I did.

MOST importantly, (as most of you know) I have a dream to open a Center that offers character development programs as well as art programs for kids after school. I have been pursuing this dream for over a year.

I am selling these fabulous purses to help fund the Center. ALL of the profit will go into a charitable fund that will grow until we have enough to rent space or buy to start the Center. We have already raised a portion of the money but we need to raise more to keep our dream alive.

To learn more about the Center and/or Scottsdale Prevention Institute, the non-profit agency I work for, please read the other postings on this blog.

Here are some examples of the purses for sale:

Email me for specific dimensions and more pictures:

Remember, ALL the profit goes toward our non-profit Center.

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